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Lake Raynagua


General Lake Condition and Information

Tests by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reveal the following:
•   The fishing of bass should be catch and release.
•   The fishing of bream should be encouraged. Bream should not be returned to the lake.
•   There is excessive submergent vegetation.
The level of phosphorus in the lake is three times normal and is the primary cause of excessive build up of slimy algae.The most likely source of the excess P is lawn fertilizer and agricultural fields. Phosphorus is not a needed fertilizer for centipede grass, and we should avoid using a product that has anything other than "0" for the second number in the NPK designations on purchased fertilizer.
•   Because of the imbalance of bream and bass, it should also be standard practice to not return bream of any size to the lake. However, bass should be returned.

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